Image Alt DIY Furnace Maintenance Tips Between Professional Tune-Ups

DIY Furnace Maintenance Tips Between Professional Tune-Ups

DIY Furnace Maintenance Tips Between Professional
  • Gutierrez Brothers HVAC
  • May 2, 2024

When the heating season rolls out, it is nice to know that you have an efficient and reliable heating system. Nevertheless, even the best heating system can suffer from breakdown if you neglect its routine maintenance.


Hence in this blog as one of the most reliable companies offering furnace tune-up service in Middletown NY let us a few crucial maintenance tips that you can perform to keep your heating system running optimally and remains in tip-top shape.

  • Change Your Air Filter


One of the easiest ways to maintain the efficiency of your heating unit is to change the filter of your furnace regularly.

This is because dirt inside the air filter can impede the flow of air through the heating system.

Consider buying a high-quality filter when replacing the existing filters of your heating system.
Remember, high-quality filters can make a significant improvement in the air that you breathe inside your home.

  • Keep The Vents Clean


Next, it is always a good idea to hire a professional duct cleaner and clean the ducts every few years, especially if your home is old or you have pets in your home. 

You can also once a year, remove the covers to your air vents and vacuum them thoroughly. This will remove the extra dust and dirt and improve the air quality of your office or home.

  • Clean Around (and Inside) Your Furnace


It says that a clean furnace is a happy furnace. Hence keep the area around your heating system clear of debris and dust by regularly vacuuming and sweeping. This will also keep the inside of your furnace clean.

Moreover, pay attention to what you are storing near your furnace system. Avoid keeping household cleaners, paints, and other volatile or inflammable substances near your furnace.

Also if you feel up to the task, occasionally get your furnace’s interior clean by cleaning the blower motor and fan with a shop vac or an extension hose.

Always ensure that you have turned off the circuit breaker to the furnace and shut off the gas before removing the panel that accesses the blower.

  • Clean and Clear Around Outside Units


There are many homes where the owners install the furnace with heat pumps as a part of their home’s HAVC system.

If you are one of them, allow sufficient airflow around these units. 

For this do not allow tall grass, bushes, or other vegetation to grow on or around your HAVC’s outside unit. 

Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual for your heat pump and if nothing specific has been noted as the minimum clearance required, as a thumb rule try to keep at least 2 feet of clearance from shrubs and other obstructions from the outside of your heat pumps. 

  • Check Your Pilot Light


If you own a gas furnace, one of the best ways to check on it is to take an occasional peak at the pilot light.  If the pilot light is blue then it is okay, but if it is yellow or of any other color then find a reliable furnace tune-up service in Middletown NY, get it checked by a professional, and get this potential and dangerous issue fixed at the earliest




Do-it-yourself furnace maintenance can keep your furnace running longer and better. 

While most of these jobs are simple and can be handled by the average homeowner, some jobs and regular checkups require the expertise of furnace professionals. 

That’s where Gutierrez Brothers HVAC can help.


At Gutierrez Brothers HVAC, we have the expertise and trained professionals you need to diagnose, fix, and correct problems with your furnace, whether small or large.


Performing regular furnace maintenance will ensure a longer life for your system, but if you’re ready to improve or upgrade your furnace and HVAC system, we’re ready to help.